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This is where we will post all of the relevant news, events and announcements for the residents of Cliffview Subdivision in Brandon, Mississippi.


PRVWSD Parking Restrictions

Title 33: Rivers and Waters of the PRVWS Regulations,

Part 203: Regulations Pertaining To Use Of Reservoir Project Area By General Public,

Chapter 1: Motor Vehicles,

Rule 1.2 Parking

(a) It shall be unlawful for any Person to park an automobile or other vehicle on any part of the reservoir main dam or any dike, levy, groin, jetty, or mole appurtenant thereto, or on the causeway across Pelahatchie Bay in Rankin County or within one hundred (100) feet of any public boat launching ramp, or within any public park or any public recreation area within the Reservoir Project Area, except at places designated for such parking by posted signs, or on any portion of the Reservoir Project Area adjacent to the South and East sides of Rice Road between the diversion canal for Culley/Brashears Creek and the South and East rights-of-way of the Natchez Trace in Madison County. A vehicle stopped to load or unload passengers or property shall be deemed to be parked for purposes of this regulation.

(b) Any area described in Part 203 Rule 1.2 (a) which is not designated as a parking area may be designated a "Tow Away Zone" by the posting of signs stating "Tow Away Zone-Vehicle Will be Towed Away at Owner's Expense." Any vehicle left unattended in a designated Tow Away Zone may be towed away and held until the owner shall pay the towing charges

(c) It shall be unlawful for any Person to park any automobile or other vehicle within any portion of the Reservoir Project Area identified by a sign or signs stating "NO STOPPING NEXT (stated distance) MILES, Stopped Vehicles will be Towed at Owner’s Expense" or similar language. If any Reservoir Police officer finds an attended or unattended vehicle parked in violation of this rule, such officer is authorized to provide for the immediate removal of such vehicle to the a storage site or other place of safety, and the owner of the vehicle shall pay all costs of removal, safety inspection and storage prior to obtaining possession of the vehicle.

(d) Prohibited Parking or Storage of Vehicles in Front and Side Yards, Sidewalks and on Public Streets or Rights-of-Way: No vehicle shall be parked or stored in any front yard or side yard within any residential area, except within a garage, carport, apron or driveway. Driveways cannot cover more than 50% of the front yard and a driveway must be solid surfaced with brick, asphalt or concrete.

Parking and/or storage of any vehicle on a public street, sidewalk or public right-of-way is prohibited. EXCEPTIONS: Parking for isolated, non-reoccurring gatherings, parties or visitors will be permitted. Parking will be permitted in residential subdivisions where signage has been posted indicating where on-street parking is allowed.

Recreation vehicles, transient trailers, travel trailers, motor homes, and the like must be parked or stored within a garage or open carport or behind the back line of the building (rear yard). Such vehicles may be parked in the driveway, front or side yard for loading/unloading, cleaning or repair for a period not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours.

Trailers, boats, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), shall be parked or stored within a garage or open carport or behind the back line of the building (rear yard). EXCEPTION: Such items may be placed in side yard and if enclosed by solid fencing in a manner that prevents direct visibility from the street or adjoining properties.

EXCEPTION: Rule 1.2(d) is applicable to all District Properties not located within Rankin County's Reservoir Community Zoning Overlay District (RCZOD). District Properties located within Rankin County's Reservoir Community Zoning Overlay District will adhere to RCZOD's parking ordinances.

(e) Each violation of this regulation shall constitute a misdemeanor and shall be punishable by a fine of not more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).


Boil Water Notice Lifted Oct 14, 2015

Media Release For Immediate Release 14 October 2015 


Boil Water Notice Lifted 

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District has LIFTED the Boil Water Notice that was issued Monday the 13th, for all subdivisions located on the Pelahatchie Bay water system at the Ross Barnett Reservoir.  

For updated information, visit PRVWSD online at www. or on FaceBook at

Cliffview Launches New Website

Our new website is here! The Cliffview Property Owners Association have an online community center for information, announcements, events and more. We have links to local news, government, and important documents, such as our Covenants and Restrictions. Future additions include the ability to renew your membership dues online through our secure payment gateway.

What else? It is fully Mobile-Responsive, so you can visit us with computer, tablet or smart phone.